Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Cake Monograms

Don't spend large amounts of money on a glamorous cake topper when you make your own! Thanks to this tutorial from Wedding by Color.

You will need: 
  • 4 Sheets of cardstock ( if you want to make it thicker you can use 6).
  • Scissors.
  • Exacto Knife.
  • Tweezers.
  • Glue dots (the kind you can rub off).
  • GEM-TAC Glue - Artbeads.com.
  • Aluminum Foil.
  • 216 12ss Flat Back Swarvoski Crystals - Artbeads.com.
  • 100 9ss Flat Back Swarvoski Crystals - Artbeads.com.
  1. Choose the type of font you want to use. In this example, the bride has used Brock Script. The easiest way to achieve the desired size is by saving the image as a .jpeg file and resizing it using Photoshop. Resize your image to 4.5 inches, which is what the  majority of the monogram cake toppers are. After you have successfully resized your image print 4-6 copies depending on the thickness desired. 
  2. Cut out your letters using your scissors and very carefully using your exacto knife cut out any inside areas. Don't worry if they are not exactly the same, you will get a chance to fix them.
  3. Now depending on the thickness desired, glue 2-3 letters stacked on top of each other, you should have 2 sets. Inspect your letters and make sure they are even, this is the time to use your exacto knife to trim any areas that seem uneven. You should end up with smooth edges all around.
  4. Apply the removable glue dots to the front of one set and the back of the other. Cut two pieces of foil big enough to cover your monogram. Carefully place the foil on the same sides you applied the glue dots. Slowly press it down and smooth it out. To add a little texture, scratch the foil very lightly with your finger nail.
  5. You are ready to trim the foil all round. Trim it around 1/8 of an inch, fold it back and glue it using a little bit of GEM-TAC but make sure you use a thin layer. Now, for the inside sections cut from the corners to the center using your exacto knife. You may need to do more trimming before you can fold back and glue the foil. Once you have glued all the edges glue both pieces together, you should end up with two seamless sides.
  6. Now you have your canvas!, so let you inspiration take over! You can glue your crystals using the GEM-TAC glue. The great thing about it is that it dries clear so even if it oozes a little you can't really tell after it dries.
Visit Wedding by Color.

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